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The establishment of ANZISM (Australia & New Zealand Institute for Sustainable Management) has created a unique professional institute devoted to sustainability in the region. Acknowledging the close relationship between Australia and New Zealand, ANZISM allows for the creation of local chapters to provide benefits to local members whilst being part of both a national and trans-national body.

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The ANZISM sustainability awards will be a recognition of achievement in the use and implementation of Sustainability across business and projects. The awards will be presented in Australia and New Zealand with the national winners being judged for overall Institute Awards.



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Australia & New Zealand Institute of Sustainable Management (ANZISM) recently welcomed many new international members – overall growth of ANZISM over past 2 years is approx 250%.

The Institute looks forward to welcoming many more new members and working with other groups within the South – East Asia and South Pacific region. These regions are significant in achieving sustainable outcomes and for some areas the battle to retain their homelands from the effects of previous unsustainable activities globally such as Climate Change.