2021 award documents

“Sustainability is an integral part of the global business, social and project agenda, particularly during the challenging period of 2020 and 2021. These Awards seek to provide recognition for excellence in Sustainable Achievements.”.

2020 the year of global challenges which have impacted on every aspect of global activity. as a result of 2020, 2021 presents opportunity to recover from the effects of COVID19, whilst recognising the need to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our lives. ANZISM Awards are again being conducted. The following documents are available for downloading and use to promote the Awards within your group or organisation, as well as the templates for assisting with your entry submission. On behalf of ANZISM, a “Thank You” for all those who have provided the innovation, dedication and “hard work” during these periods whilst also remembering the global sustainability challenges that existed before, during and (will continue to be significant factor) post-pandemic.

We offer the following documents to support the 2021 Awards Program: