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Norway to ban fossil fuel vehicles by 2025

With the growth of the global debate in regard to sustainability and the issues linking environment with economics, there has been a number of examples of the acceptance of communities to take actions in regard to environmental issues but still preserving economic requirements. In August 2016, Norway announced that: In order to slow the effects of climate change, Norwegian authorities decided to ban the sale of vehicles operating with fossil fuels (gasoline and diesel), starting in 2025.

This agreement was made by the main political parties in the country, which adopted this measure to ensure that future imports and state purchases do not contribute to climate change.

The goal is also to promote the use and sale of electric cars. Today, they only represent 17% of the vehicles in circulation, but the aim is to reach 100% in the next nine years.

However, Norway is among the top oil producers in the world and 40% of its GDP is made up of this substance.

The ban on future use of fossil fuels is not the only measure for the environment the country is implementing. In late 2015, their government announced that from 2019 vehicular traffic will be prohibited in the center of Oslo, the capital.

This measure seeks to drastically reduce pollution and achieve a much healthier and safer transportation in the city, giving priority to pedestrians and cyclists.

Norway will also be the first European country to ban logging.

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