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Our past offers so many lessons that must be learned to create sustainable future.

If we stop and reflect on our collective past, many important lessons are waiting there for us to learn. Much of what is assumed as “modern living” is in fact an evolution of our past. For example, “Takeaway Food Stores” were a feature in ancient Pompeii, so why isn’t humanity looking back before the future is created. Learning lessons from our past can create many roadmaps for our sustainable future. Ancient cultures respected the land and worshipped nature. They understood the links between life and nature. Today, it seems many of the lessons have not been learnt. Recalling many of the traditions can effect how our future is created. Today, there is discussions about the creation of sustainable “Blue Economies”, which can included many of the practices that local indigenous people have practiced for centuries. Humanity should not be afraid to stop and review the past, to understand the respect of nature and the practices that may assist all in the global village to appreciate a sustainable future.

(commentary by Alan Tupicoff).